Sexual Self-Confidence

Boost Your Sexual Self-Confidence!

Gaining and developing self-confidence underlies all our lives and having self-confidence can improve every aspect of life. Confident people are inspiring, fun to be around, they're less demanding emotionally and ooze independence and vitality. Lack of self-confidence breeds fear... fear of failure, change or unfamiliar situations. This fear can restrict lives, offering less variety, happiness and success. Most people would benefit considerably from increasing their self-confidence. 

Lack of Sexual Confidence can arise from: 

  • Lack of general self-confidence and self esteem
  • Lack of body confidence
  • Not understanding your sexual tastes and preferences
  • Shame about masturbation
  • Unable to communicate with a partner
  • Fear of judgment
  • Not knowing or understanding one's own boundaries
  • Inexperience
  • Not being open to a partner's suggestions, recommendations and desire and also being able to decline them
  • Not understanding that the first relationship starts with yourself and that if that relationship is off, all others will suffer regardless of the type of relationship - professional, platonic, romantic, or family

Hypnosis works to increase sexual self-confidence with:

  • Awareness: strategies to become aware of when you are feeling insecure, pinpointing the underlying reason, and addressing that fear, shame, or lack of knowledge head on
  • Information: the study of human sexuality and the physical, emotional, and spiritual intersections
  • Evoking your masculine or feminine energy
  • Positive Self-Talk and Sexual Leadership

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Hypnosis to increase sexual self-confidence is two-pronged - designed to help in immediate term and also to offer long-term strategies for lasting pleasure and fulfillment.

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