What's the Story?

BEACHypnosis is here to change lives.

BEACHypnosis was established in 2018 to empower people to achieve a wide variety of goals, from quitting smoking to healing trauma to enhancing intimacy. 

We want to save lives and energize the well-being and happiness of those we encounter. We seek to create healthy bodies, healthy minds, and health sensuality. 


Who Are You? What Are Your Qualifications?


About Jon A. Galane

 Jon A. Galane, MA:MFT, MNLP, C.Ht has worked with hypnosis clients for the past fifteen years. He founded BEACHypnosis in response to an increased demand for his services, especially in the fields of smoking cessation and enhancing intimacy.

Jon has a unique perspective on hypnosis that draws on his education in Marriage and Family Therapy and his training as a Master Neuro-Linguistics Programming Practitioner. He uses a combination of behavioral therapeutic techniques, energy trance work and neuro-linguistic programming in each hypnosis session. 

Specializations & Certifications + Membership & Professional Associations

 Specializations & Certifications:

  • Smoking Cessation Specialist
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Specialist
  • Real World Hypnosis
  • Speed Healing: Energy Hypnosis and Vibrational Hypnotherapy
  • Sensuality Enhancement: Erotic Hypnosis
  • Vibrational Influence: Hermetic Healing Skills
  • CPI Level 3: Strategic Suggestion & Art of Conversational Belief
  • Advanced Sex Education

Member and Professional Associations:

  • International Association of Hypnotherapists
  • North America Academy of Hypnosis
  • iNLP Center
  • International Hypnosis Foundation
  • International NLP Association
  • International Association of Professional Life Coaches
  • San Diego Hypnosis Institute
  • National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

SSDD (Same Stuff, Different Day)

Patches! Pills! Gum! What Fun!

Most of our clients have tried some or all of the following methods, with little to no success. (Wait. You, too??)

  • Method / Average Success Rate:
  • Willpower / 3% success
  • Nicotine Gum / 12% success
  • Nicotine Patches / 16% success
  • Pills (medications) / 18% success (bonus: wacky side effects!)
  • Acupuncture / 28% success
  • Traditional Hypnosis / 30% success
  • BEACHypnosis Method / 90-95% success

Most of these methods don't even have a placebo success rate! Yet we continue to spend BILLIONS of dollars each year for them because people don't know a better way. BEACHypnosis is different.


How is BEACHypnosis Different?


Our Unique 2 Hour Process is EFFORTLESS

We combine the most effective hypnosis techniques with our cutting-edge neurological processing methods to completely eliminate tobacco cravings from the mind and body.

Our process is completely natural, with no drugs, no cravings, and no withdrawal.

You Are a Full Partner

Each session is one on one and tailored to the specific client. We look forward to discussing your questions, hopes and challenges. 

We will clearly discuss every step of the process before we begin. Education and understanding are crucial to success. 

We Clear the Problem from Your Neurological System in Less Than 15 Minutes

This proprietary process is almost indescribable and truly amazing to experience. Upon completion, your own body will clearly indicate that the problem is gone. You will feel it and know it. Believe it or not, you will actually be a non-smoker before you sit in the chair for hypnosis.

We Then Eliminate the Smoking Problem from Your Mind (Where Cravings and Habits are Stored)

Lay back and relax. 

You will experience the most effective hypnosis techniques developed for smoking cessation, customized specifically to your needs and desires.

You will walk out the door as if you have never smoked.

We Guarantee Your Results for Life!

We are proud to offer a lifetime guarantee, which means if you ever smoke or have a craving to smoke, just call or schedule online, and we will treat you again for free.

How can we afford to give away free sessions for life?? 

Because only 5-10% of our clients ever require a second session.

Does This Really Work?!

Why Don't You Ask Some of Our Clients?

Need client testimonials.

Can Jag get testimonial from the couple he worked with in Las Vegas?

Any other testimonials?


Yeah, But Will It Work for ME?


It wasn't YOU who failed in the past, it was the METHOD you used.

Everyone of normal intelligence is hypnotizable. If it is YOUR CHOICE to be free from those toxic cravings, this is the easiest and most effective way to stop.

What Type of Smokers Does this Work For?

  • People who have smoked from 1 year to more than 50 years
  • People who smoked 1 cigarette per day to 3.5 packs per day.
  • Those who hate that they smoke to those who love to smoke.
  • "Social smokers" to people who call themselves hardcore addicts.
  • Tobacco chewers, cigar smokers, and cigarette smokers alike.

The True Cost of Cravings

What Are Your Cravings Really Costing You?

Those few bucks a day add up! Check out the table - based on $6.00 per pack for 30 days per month. No inflation or taxes added. 

How much money have you handed over to tobacco companies over your lifetime? How much more are you willing to give them in the next 10 to 20 years?

What about the hidden costs?

  • Burn holes in clothes and upholstery
  • Lost productivity
  • Lost time with family and friends
  • Gas to the store because you're out again
  • Added health care costs
  • Air fresheners
  • Breath mints, gum, drops
  • Extra dry cleaning
  • Five minutes late just about everywhere
  • Standing outside in the rain or cold
  • Embarrassed to have people in your car or home 


YOUR Reasons Matter!


Which 3 Quality of Life Benefits are Most Important to You?

  1. Regaining control of my behaviors
  2. Increased energy
  3. Restored breathing
  4. Being there for my children or grandchildren
  5. Eliminating that cough
  6. Looking and feeling younger
  7. Adding quality years to my life
  8. Free from cravings
  9. Better smelling hair, breath, and clothes
  10. Not feeling judged by others
  11. No more standing alone in the rain or cold
  12. Ending the inconvenience of smoking
  13. Loved ones not having to watch me suffer from COPD, emphysema, or cancer
  14. Re-Awakending my authentic self
  15. Knowing that I FINALLY BEAT IT! 

It's Your Decision. Your Choice.

The Problem Isn't In Your Bloodstream, It's In Your Mind.

I know that you are motivated, because you're here.

Part of your mind wants you to get up, light a cigarette, and drift back into fog and denial. It's nice and cozy there. 

But part of your mind wants you to take a fresh approach to regain control once and for all.

If this were just about making a rational decision, you would have stopped smoking on your own a long time ago. 

Seize this moment before it is lost.


Eager To Start?


Awesome! Let's do this!

  1. Schedule your Stop Smoking Session TODAY
  2. Choose from 3 special pricing offers guaranteed to fit your budget.

Option 1: 

Pay today in advance.

Only $495 (save $100)

Option 2: 

Place a $100 deposit today, then 2 easy payments of $223. (save $50)

First payment due at your session, second payment due 30 days later.

Option 3:

0% financing.

Place a $25 deposit today, then 3 easy payments of $190. 

First payment due at your session, last two payments 30 & 60 days later. 

Pay out of that old cigarette money!

Book now!

Now Offering Couples Sessions!

Option 1: 

Pay today in advance.

Only $1190 (save $300)

Option 2: 

Place a $195 deposit today, then 2 easy payments of $348. (save $300)

First payment due at your session, second payment due 30 days later.

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